The only way to see all the canals, churches, bridges and towers of Bruges, is from a hot air balloon.   Fly with us over 1000 years of history...


    Live it all, on a balloon trip over Bruges
  • What to do in Belgium? Visiting Bruges? 
    Combine your visit with a Balloon Flight!!
  • Join us on a hot air balloon ride over the city of Bruges.
    Daily departures: 1st of March - 31st of October.
  • Free pick-up and return from any place in Bruges
  • Staying in BRUSSELS or ANTWERP ??
    We'll PAY your train ticket to Bruges BACK (see below)
Angst vor der Kälte?

Warum ist es eigentlich wärmer in einem Heißluftballon   Vi...

Schwindelfreiheit im Ballon

meisten Menschen haben Angst vor Höhen. Viele haben Angst, genug zu ve...

Gute Gründe, um uns auf eine Ballonfahrt über Brügge beitreten

NO FLIGHT - NO PAY. We know that most of our clients don't live in Bruges or Belgium. That is why we sell you a ticket for a certain flight on a certain day. If weather really hates you and we have to cancel all your reserved flights during your stay in Bruges, we refund you 100%.

Excellent safety record. The only balloon crew in Belgium that has had safety trainings to meet British CAA standards for commercial balloon operators. As a result, we have had zero injuries in over 2700 flights, flying more than 25,000 people.

Personal service and attention. Flying no big-money passenger ride balloons, we have chosen for the personal approach. Because we love sharing our passion and we feel that flying 20 people in one basket, we are no longer able to talk to everybody face to face about marvellous hot air balloon stories, while guiding them through the flight.So we chose for smaller, easier to handle and quicker to set up, balloons, with the highest safety standards for passenger transport.

Fun - party - interaction - Be Alive !! Every balloon flight is different, different people from different countries join up and at the end, after landing, we celebrate your bravery with champagne, beers, but most of all... we have FUN ! Laughing because of a funny farmer, people greeting us from their back yards, packing up the balloon together,... You will find this the most relaxed way to have a really interactive experience while meeting new people from so many nationalities.

Experience. Our pilots are carefully screened. Only proven safety over many years and a flying experience on many different types of balloons, together with a high minimum of officially logged flying time, make a pilot suitable for our company.

Quality flights. No quality, no flight. Sometimes "technically" we can fly, there's nothing wrong with the weather except that it may be really misty, or rainy, ... If we feel that we will be giving you a worthless flight, we will tell you honestly and plan you for the next available slot if you can make it, or we'll give you your money back.

Bruges Ballooning on TV and youtube:

Very interesting appearance on Spanish national TV TVE.

check from 7'50" till the end.

Bruges Ballooning's founder Christophe Saeys, about the balloon passion.

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