Bruges Ballooning – daily hot air balloon flights over the historic city of Bruges.

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Bruges Balloon flights - Morning flight

Nothing beats a morning flight. Sure you'll have to get out of your bed really early, but that pays off because by 10AM, you're back in Bruges to enjoy the rest of the day!

Morning skies can be so clear, and still have low mist curtains over the fields, making the view very poetic. Morning breezes are usually much more gentle so chances of morning flights getting cancelled by high winds, are remote.

These flights take you over the center of Bruges waking up, and beyond. Flying over morning traffice in the outskirts, castles sticking out of the haze, hares and rabbits running around, while we catch all the warmth of the rising sun.


Bruges Balloon flights - Afternoon flight

Most Balloon Flights in Belgium are afternoon flights, in fact, late afternoon flights.

As it only gets dark between 9PM and 11PM in summer, take offs are planned around 7PM, leaving a whole day  for you to plan before even getting to the flight.

Daytime winds calm down and set the mark for a our take-off, just outside Bruges' centre. After take off, your pilot will aim the balloon towards the busy center of this FairyTale Town called Bruges, to enjoy the views of the canals, the towers, the squares and the windmills. Once passed Bruges, the view changes into a typically Belgian mixture of farms, cows, corn fields, small towns, castles and land houses. We might even end up in Holland if we got westerly winds!


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