Bruges Ballooning – daily hot air balloon flights over the historic city of Bruges.

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2018 has seen more balloon flights over Bruges than ever!

2018 has seen more balloon flights over Bruges than ever!

2017 More visitors than ever.

Great start of balloon season Bruges 2017

One more new balloon for Bruges Ballooning

New hot air balloon for Bruges Balloon flights

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Why you are not afraid of heights in a balloon.

Most people are afraid of heights. Many are afraid enough to refuse to board a hot air balloon.

What happens when you're up in a basket, disconnected from the ground is completely different from the feeling of "distance" when looking down a cliff, or a (tall) building: when standing on top of a high structure, looking down, your brain can measure the altitude, because you see the building or the rock getting smaller and smaller. The depth vision gives us an impression of distance, in this case vertical distance, telling your brain: "wow you'd better not fall, this is high".

When loose from the ground, floating in the air, there is no structure to measure distance, and all your brain sees is a nice scenery, without any clue of how "deep" it is. That is why you will NOT be afraid of heights in our balloons !


Don't take our explanation for granted: here are some random testimonials we found on the internet: