Bruges Ballooning – daily hot air balloon flights over the historic city of Bruges.

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We started the day in Bruges with an adventure!

We had the most lovely experience flying our hot air balloon over Bruges this morning on an amazing adventure.

International tourism is back!

We missed you! Balloon flights tourism Bruges


All bookings in 2021 are subject to hassle-free COVID-19 money back plan. If you have to cancel your flight due COVID-19 trouble, we will refund you.

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Afraid of the COLD?

Why it is actually warmer in a hot air balloon.


Many people are a bit hesitant to buy a balloon trip because they think it will be very cold up there.

Now for some reasons, it is NOT.

First of all: there is a huge flame above our heads, keeping the balloon at about 100°C (200° F) and even if heat rises, still some of it benefits the passengers in the basket below.

Secondly: the radiation heat of the hot balloon envelope down to the basket, combined with the radiation heat from the burner, heats us too!

Third and more important reason: as you travel in a balloon, you are like a cloud; you fly WITH the wind, so you don't feel any wind-chill factor. Even if flying at 50mph, there still is no breeze whatsoever, to be felt in the basket. It is like being behind a glass window...

Fourth and equally important: on morning flights, the earth's surface is a lot colder, but only the surface. Once we climb as little as 200ft or 300f, we immediately feel a temperature increase of up to 15°. This is called temperature inversion, and it is present every morning!

So don't hesitate and join us for an incredible balloon flight over the heart of Europe.