Bruges Ballooning – daily hot air balloon flights over the historic city of Bruges.

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We started the day in Bruges with an adventure!

We had the most lovely experience flying our hot air balloon over Bruges this morning on an amazing adventure.

International tourism is back!

We missed you! Balloon flights tourism Bruges


All bookings in 2021 are subject to hassle-free COVID-19 money back plan. If you have to cancel your flight due COVID-19 trouble, we will refund you.

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Super Balloon flight - All day long


Super Balloon flight - All day long

  • € 495,00 pp - adults
  • € 295,00 pp - kids

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What's included ?

  • November - March in Belgium, France, Holland and Germany. December to February in Portugal and Spain.
  • Pre-flight safety briefing by your pilot.
  • Prevailing winds dictate take-off spot and flight route. We fly at least 5 hours, we aim to fly up to 8 hours.
  • After-flight celebration with champagne and Flight Certificate Awards.
  • On-board cooker: we bake bacon and eggs, serve warm chocolate, ...during the flight !
  • Questions and answers by your pilot. Feel free to ask what you want, whenever you want.
  • The flight can take up to 500km. We will take you back after !
  • We fly higher than a regular balloon flight: around 1000m to 2000m.
  • A check-list about what to bring, and what to wear will be provided to you well before the flight.
  • adventure you will NEVER forget !
  • Passengers insurance throughout the flight.